Welcome to Ebon's Grotto

I've set up this website to show off my digital paintings and writings, as well as provide a forum where persons of common interest can share thoughts, feelings, and concerns about this crazy world.

Having been expelled from furry, therian, zoophile, and art communities, I'm not sure what to call myself. Labels seem very confusing at times, and I have a feeling that they only serve bigotry. I have been very bigoted against others in the past and I have seen the error in this.

Anyway, I think of my myself as a Wolf spirit stuck in a human body... and not a very well built human body at that. I prefer those who visit here respect this, but everyone... well, everyone at least 18 human years old, is invited to attend. Trolls are also welcome in areas open to guests, but members are expected to play nice.

Within you will find a forum and in that there's a link to my gallery. The language is of an adult nature, and is not censored, so you must be at least 18 years old to attend. Members have additional privileges as well.

You MUST be at least 18 years old to venture forth.
By entering Ebon's Grotto you are swearing that you are.

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